Fr. Charles Albanese | Abbot


WE HOPE that this website will give you a good picture of St. Benedict’s Monastery, Snowmass, Colorado, and our monastic community that has been here for 62 years. We are a Roman Catholic Monastery following the Cistercian tradition of the Strict Observance.


We are located in a high mountain valley in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We

consider this valley to be sacred—a special place of encounter with God. Many

of the people coming to the monastery for retreats or simply to join us for liturgy can

easily sense the sacredness of the valley and the specialness of the silence here.

The monastery is a place to cultivate a lifelong practice of prayer and meditation and relationship with God. I hope that you are able to get some sense of Cistercian Grace Today from this website.


As a community of monks, we are called to a particular place. Our community in

these Rocky Mountains is a special place of prayer and living the monastic lifestyle to

meet God in ourselves and one another and our guests. We attempt to convey a spirit

of hospitality to all who come here and perhaps people will sense a movement within

from God to actually seek to enter a contemplative monastery like ours for men, or

for women to enter one of our sister communities in the Cistercian Order.


May we all find that special place God has for us.



—Fr. Charles Albanese, OCSO

Abbot | St. Benedict’s Monastery

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