Fr. Ed Hoffmann

Vocation Director

…there are men truly called…

to renounce even the active Christian life…

and to become henceforth strangers in the world,

living apart, consecrated to

silent meditation

and liturgical praise,

to poverty, manual labor,

solitude, sacred study and spiritual discipline.


—Thomas Merton


ON BEHALF OF ABBOT CHARLES AND MY BROTHERS here in the community of St. Benedict’s Monastery, I thank you for your visit to our website, and eagerly welcome your request for information concerning discernment of a monastic vocation.


Discernment of a monastic vocation is a focused process of formation that

challenges a candidate to embrace the commitment with clear knowledge of

personal motivation, strengths and weaknesses, and evaluates his emotional

and psychological maturity to form lasting relationships with his brothers in the



For information describing in greater detail the process of monastic formation,

please go to “Becoming a Monk” located on this tab. If you are ready to request

specific direction and information regarding admittance to our program of

discernment, please contact me directly:


I look forward to assisting you on the path of your spiritual journey, and in the

discernment of God’s will for you.

Fr. Ed Hoffmann, OCSO

Vocation Director | St. Benedict’s Monastery

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