Prayer Hall

Retreat House & Prayer Hall

Fr. Williams Meninger

leads a retreat

  All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ,

for he himself will say,

“I was a stranger

and you welcomed me.”  

—Rule of St. Benedict


WE ARE PLEASED TO SHARE THE BEAUTY, silence and solitude of our valley to provide an atmosphere and surroundings helpful in strengthening and deepening your spiritual life. Our Retreat House ministry is intended to share these values and practices with our guests.


The retreat facilities were designed and built to foster the spirit and practice of silence, solitude, meditation, and prayer. Although the majority of space is often used by groups, those not used are reserved for individual retreats.


Those who come on individual retreats have their own space and are never assigined to share a hermitage or apartment. They may, of course, bring another person, since all spaces are equipped to accommodate two persons.


We strive to provide a welcoming spirit to all who come. We do not, however,  provide directed retreats for individuals or groups.


We ask that guests plan a minimum of three nights and a maximum stay of ten days with us.


It is not our intention to provide local lodging for overnight stays or other activities that might be better accommodated at other facilities in the area (ski trips, reunions, weddings, social gatherings, etc.)










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